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Welp, as you probably know i'm trying to do my best work for DeviantArt and i hope i could be able to be more, as you say, cheerful. I got hurt yesterday by slamming my hand into my door and that felt like living hell, I can barely hold a pencil or anything very well and i may not be able to do much work for a while... Sorry for the inconvenience, I wish to get some stuff uploaded but if I can't you know why... Heh... 
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Image result for ANTISEPTICEYE AT PAX EAST                        And...Sad Puppy Face Wallpaper HD Widescreen | High Quality PC Dekstop ...

onion sadonion sadonion sadonion sadonion sadonion sadonion sadonion sadonion sadonion sad
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I hide I hide in iodine words
It's something inexplicable
It's something unaccountable

I cry I cry when anything hurts
Vexatious, my amygdala

that I can't do a thing about

The tricks and trivials of
every twenty-four

Maybe you could tone it down
a little more

And I and I dunno
Oh, all I ever knew before
were clusters of holes

An eye for an eye
That's how the game works
In losing my autonomy
A mutilated part of me

And I defy the way the game works
Between you and me,
it's only getting worse

From the mouth
of a cauterized rag doll
Supplications to leave him alone

From the mouth
of the cauterized rag doll
Throw the nails away
and leave him alone

I don't know
where the thoughts are coming from
Pull my strings
and swallow ichor

Fire burns
and the rags are torn apart
I can't inhale anymore

'Cus all I ever know are

Today something changed
I figured it's true
The frontal lobe placed me
behind my own strings

'Cus I defy the way the game works
I'll say it again
I'm only getting worse

The dull assumptions
that I've tasted decency
Waiting for the embers
to lose their glow

And I and I dunno
Oh, all I've ever seen before
were clusters of holes

Waiting for the world to burn
Waiting for the holes to close, now
Waiting for the world to burn
Waiting for the holes to close, now

I can't see
the holes in my memories
The fire and I, alone again
The guilt and I, alone again

Say we take what had been torn apart
Say we mend any patchwork discord
Turning eyes to the trypo-puppeteer
I can't exhale anymore

So, one two three,
and we'll tie the tourniquet
Pull my skin and swallow ichor

Fire burns
and the rags are torn apart
I can't inhale anymore

Day by day and day after day
I'm causing trouble anyway
Pull the fire alarm
I never meant any harm
Never meant any harm

Well, say my limbs are torn apart
and all the stuffing falls out
Let the toy wind down
It should've never been wound
I never meant any harm

Say we take what had been torn apart
Say we mend any patchwork discord
Turning eyes to the trypo-puppeteer
Waiting for the world to burn

So, one two three,
and we'll tie the tourniquet
Larvae eating away at everything

Word goes 'round,
I'm the trypo-puppeteer
Laugh along, I'm spreading holes

Now I know
this has always been my fault
and I can't inhale anymore

(I have a problem, I have been listening to this non-stop for the last 3 days)
amygdala's rag doll p2 by official-ghostamygdala's rag doll p1 by official-ghost

I was wondering how everyone has been, also I may be getting a new style er.... idk I don't think I will be doing much fnaf in the future... I know it sucks. I may be doing other stuff... I also havent been able to do much in the way of uploading stuff because I have been SOOOOOOOO tired lately, I just hit another growthspurt so yeah... I have been sleeping good for the last 2 days so thats good so I can do more artwork. 

Oh, I am starting to do more Scratch stuff so yeah. Here's my profile page if you'd like to check it out! :I

Wait.. You're still reading this?! Bujeezus! You must be interested! Okay... AHA!

LOOK A BIRD! *Points the opposite way* 

...Ok... Homer hides! sans - fuk dis shit im out :D 

Hey, I am sorry I haven't been doing many FNaF things lately. I got a lot of stuff going on: Braces, phases, and other personal things. I may not be working on some pictures, I am sorry if you guys wanted to have seen more stuff. I hope you can understand.
                                                                                                                                      Sorry for the inconvenience.
You walk into the dark elevator, behind you the doors slammed shut and began the descent underground. You hear a voice come onto the speakers in the elevator and the echoing sounds deep below you. Suddenly a panel opens up and you try to type in your name, but the thing is broken. The voice calls you Eggs Benedict and you sigh in frustration but smile a little. As the door opens, you see there is danger tape all over the door but you notice a vent about as big as you below the door. You squeeze through and the voice tries to comfort you. Once you got out of the vents you find yourself in a dimly lit green room. There are two windows and the voice instructs you to check on a animatronic named Ballora. You are told you need to use a "controlled shock" on her, you try it and you hear a loud electrical noise, the room erupting in light. You check on her and see she is there and check on another animatronic called Funtime Foxy. You use the electric shock and see that the animatronic is still not there. You are startled and have to use another controlled shock and you see that the creature is onstage performing as if there was an audience. You crawl through the vent and emerge in a dark room with a table full of buttons. You try the buttons but nothing happens. You look through the window and see nothing so you try the controlled shock. The sound was not like the others, but was a sputtering sound. You try it again and see that there are sparks coming from inside the window, you are getting nervous and you are told that that is all for the night and you get more scared, yelling in your head what about Baby?! You nervously turn your back and hear something in the vent behind you. You pick up your speed and then in a blur you jump into the elevator and it starts it's ascent upwards. You feel like you are being watched as you walk into your living room and sit onto the couch. You turn on the television realising you did not miss the show, you hastily eat the popcorn in front of you. Sighing, you fall asleep on the couch and wake up to your daughters voice pleading you to let her go play with her.
  • I'll make night two soon
    Ten years earlier some of Jackson's friends had gone missing. He'd pondered this thought as he hid under the table. Suddenly there was the screaming. The loud screaming he just couldn't bear. He held his ears tightly and fell to his side, all while screaming himself. Suddenly it stopped, but he heard booming foot steps. He ram and ran until he ducked into the curtains and landed on his back. As he looked up, his eyes went wide as he found it staring back at him with the... "silver eyes..." he'd said before he'd felt himself being grabbed by the legs. He screamed once more before a yellow paw covered his mouth. He'd seen the knife. He tried to slip away, under his grasp, but it was too strong. He'd seen it before, although he could not name where. He'd felt the ice cold blade sink into his skull. He could still feel his body, could move, everything functioned properly. He'd just woken up inside the curtain. He hit his head on the thing's metal legs. it felt as the thing- no that wasn't it...- the fox had just held him as he was one of his own. He looked up. The silver eyes... He couldn't move. He'd fallen asleep in the fox's arms. He'd been laying on it's hook. He couldn't stop looking at it, and soon it looked down to meet his glare.. No. It hadn't been the same eyes... He'd remembered something. Their eyes were the same, there were others. This thing was new. Newer than them.... The springlock suits I'd seen as a small child. He slowly got up. He opened the curtains, and nodded at the fox, half expecting him to nod back. Tears. He'd been crying under the table... He ran into the control room on the stage. He pressed a few buttons. He hid as if his life depended on it. Bonnie and Chica moved. He pressed one after another after another. I heard him scream... He was gone. Bonnie moved faster and faster... He saw it as he looked up. The door opened. He came here alone. Last time it wasn't real. This time was... The rabbit was there, standing in front of him, watching him, studying his movements. He didn't panic this time. Instead he dropped down, crying. Taken. Gone. 
    They'd shown up at 9, and entered 30 minutes later. They came to look for him. They entered the main room. The animals were still acting insane. "Someone go in there! Someone might've tampered with the controls in there!" Riley cried out. She;d been scared since he'd gone missing. Jackson left in the middle of the day, as they were having lunch. He'd ran here, of course, just to explore once more. They ran inside to discover something of his. The books. The research of Freddy's. What they'd figured out.
    Jackson awoke inside of something. Something furry. Something with something sharp inside. Foxy... He couldn't stop thinking about how he had passed out on top of Foxy, and how friendly he... seemed... "A spring lock suit!" he yelled out to himself. He didn't move an inch. He just sat there, all alone, in this dark room.
    "Jackson!" Hypno and Ruby had called out at once. They had a canine with them. Ruby tracked his scent to the door. They'd gotten in easily and started to search the room. They found him, he was staring ahead, never blinking. He looked at them for the first time. Jackson said in a hushed tone to help him out of the suit. They spent about 20 minutes carefully getting him out and once they did he ran off to go look at one last thing, then I'll leave. 
    Jackson stood in front of the curtains one last time "... did this one ever perform..?" he said aloud. He thought he remembered something about Foxy. He peeked in.. and he wasn't there anymore... He'd felt the cut. It went through his chest. He'd seen his hook do this before. He remembered this scenario.. It was all too real; as if it was one of his dreams. He turned and hugged Foxy, and they went down together. "I l-love you Foxy..." He'd just then remembered his single performance. His 5th birthday... He'd hugged Foxy. He'd remembered it well, as it was the first time he saw his own blood. As he slowly recognized what had happened, he almost laughed. He was messed up as a child, only going away the next week.
    Ruby walked into Pirates Cove in time to see Jackson;s death. She was surprised because, well, he died. But it was too familiar. And the exact way he died was odd. She looked at them... One hugging the other. One laughing at his own death. Then Riley came in to see her crying in front of a smiling corpse. She ducked down as Ruby had said "This happened before... Before he went away..." Riley looked her in the eyes "What?" She told the story of his birthday party*
    Foxy's hook was still in his chest when the police arrived. They filled a report. "Freddy's." One of them said. Riley was overcome by the fact that he died. "Never speak of this again." Ruby said. Riley nodded, then looked up to the sky. "Freddy's... Freddy's, Freddy's, Freddy's...." She said to herself quietly, almost seeming as if she wanted the stars to hear it...
Freddy's... Freddy's, Freddy's, Freddy's....
*If you want to know the story ask me in the comments please, thanks for reading this! This is my friend's story and characters, I just typed it.